We are pleased to handle patent, trade mark and design work in most technical fields. Clients we have done work for include:

Azotic Technologies Ltd

We have helped Azotic Technologies Ltd secure patent protection in many countries for inventions that utilise nitrogen-fixing bacteria to help reduce the need for nitrogenous fertiliser. These inventions have numerous environmental benefits. 


We have helped Pilkington protect various innovations in the field of glass and glazing. 

SKIA Designs Ltd

We have obtained patent protection for this company in respect of a special training aid that is useful in helping skiers train to find the "sweet spot" when balancing. It is recommended by both the British Alpine Ski and Snow School and the  British Association of Snowsport Instructors.

James Baxter

James Baxter is a Lancashire farmer, who is known for his engineering skills. We patented a special trailer invented by James that was designed for use on soft ground.


F. Hoffmann La Roche Ltd

This is the well known Swiss pharmaceutical and biotechnology company (also known as "Roche"). We have represented Roche in many opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office.

Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Inc.

Shire specialises in seeking treatment for rare diseases. We  have helped Shire to obtain protection for various therapeutic applications and compositions.

Transkarotic Therapies, Inc

We worked for many years with Transkaryotic Therapies, Inc. to obtain various patents in the field of gene regulation. TKT is now part of Shire.

Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Inc.

The Dana Farber Cancer Institute is one of our most long standing clients. We have obtained many European patents for the institute in respect of a wide range of cancer therapies.

Massachusetts eye and ear infirmary

The Massachusetts eye and ear infirmary infirmary is a leader in treating unwanted choroidal neovasculature of the eye, which can be significant in certain cancers. We are pleased to have helped to expand its patent portfolio.

Scomadi Ltd

We have helped Frank Sanderson and Paul Melici of Scomadi Ltd protect designs for motor scooters and have advised on trade mark matters.

Gripaid Ltd

We have helped Gripaid Ltd to obtain patent protection for a glove that improves grip and has a wide range of applications including in sport, DIY and in therapy.


We have provided consultancy on complex cases to many UK based firms and companies, including D Young & Co, Barker Brettell, Syngenta, Mathys & Squire, etc. We also provide consultancy to a range of clients that do not have their own patent departments.

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