Whites IP Ltd

Legal notices

1. Whites IP Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales with Company Registration Number 5412295. We are regulated by the Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPREG), the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) and the European Patent Institute (EPI). Whites IP Ltd has legal professional liability insurance with Pamia Ltd.


2. Whites IP Ltd is the owner of the registered European registered trade mark "Whites ", which is registered for all EU countries and has the  registration number 010506327. 
Whites IP Ltd is also the owner of this website. All rights are reserved. These rights include the copyright in the website and various copyright works within it, as well as associated moral rights. All such rights are maintained.


3. The information provided on this web-site does not consitute legal advice of any kind. We cannot guarantee that it is accurate. Indeed it may occasionally be out of date and may include errors or ommissions. Please contact us if you require any specific legal advice.

4. Do not contact us if you wish to market products/services that we have not requested from you. We do not respond to unsolicited approaches and reserve the right to take legal action if such approaches continue. Cold calling is not permitted. Please also note that we are a small practice do not recruit. Thus please  do not send CVs or job applications.


5. Martin White is the Managing Director of Whites IP Ltd. He is entitled to sign documents on behalf of the company and is a Chartered Patent Attorney, a European Patent Attorney and a registered EU and UK Trade Mark Attorney.


6. If you contact us by e-mail please note that we can give no absolute guarantee of a reply. We may for example be attending to other matters or away from the office. Furthermore, e-mail communications may sometimes be filtered out by anti-virus software and we may not receive them. We may also be out of the office on occasion. If matters are urgent or important, please telephone us.

7. Legal notifications should be sent to us by registered mail with advice of delivery.

8. We can give no guarantee of obtaining patent, trade mark or design protection. Much will ultimately depend on an examiner (unless a successful appeal is filed). Futhermore, even if such protection is obtained, there is no guarantee of freedom to use, make, sell or use a given product, process, design or brand. Much here will depend on whether or not others have dominating rights in the relevant  country/countries.

9. It is possible for specialist searchers to perform searches prior to filing (usually known as "prior art" or "validity" searches) and thento have them analysed professionally to assess the chances of obtaining valid patent, trade mark or design protection. However all such searches have limitations. Thus, none can be considered comprehensive.

10. It is also possible to have different searches performed and analysed that are sometimes known as "product clearance" or "freedom to operate" ("FTO") searches. These are intended to identify rights held by others so that risks of infringement can be assessed. They are however again limited in nature and should not be considered comprehensive. Thus, they can be used to reduce risk, but do not eliminate it.