Legal Notices


1. This web-site does not provide legal advice of any kind. It may include various errors and omissions. We accept no responsibility for any action taken based upon this site.

2. E-mail communications can be unreliable. There is no guarantee that any e-mail sent to us has been received or read. Please therefore promptly confirm all important matters sent by e-mail, either by telephone or by registered mail.

3. We accept no responsibility for malware that may be distributed via our e-mail address, via this web-site or via any other means.  We advise clients to have the best available protective software against viruses or other malware, given that all web-sites and e-mail accounts can be hacked.

4. We are regulated in IP matters by IPREG, CIPA and the EPI. If you have any complaint about our services please notify our Managing Director, Martin White, in writing within 14 days of the action complained about so that we can review the complaint promptly and can take appropriate action, if needed. If any complaint is still unresolved then we offer an independent review and there is also a right to complain to IPREG, to CIPA or the EPI, depending on the nature of the complaint.

5. We are insured by PAMIA, but cannot guarantee that insurance covers all eventualities.

6. We can provide no guarantee for any client of obtaining a patent, a registered trade mark or any other form of IP protection. It is also important to note that even if such protection is obtained it does not provide any immunity from infringing rights held by others. Thus,  for example, the grant of a patent gives no guarantee that a patented invention can be used by the patentee. (Competitors may have overlapping/dominating rights that could be used against the patentee.)

7. All IP searches have significant limitations. Thus they cannot be completely relied upon. This applies both to freedom to operate (FTO) searches and to prior art (validity) searches.

8. Please do not contact us to offer any products or services, to provide unsolicited job applications or to request surveys or feedback from us. We do not respond to  such communications and reserve the right to take legal action where appropriate to prevent unsolicited communications.

9. Whites IP Ltd is a company with limited liability. It is registered in England & Wales under company registration number 5412295.

10. Whites IP Ltd is VAT registered. Thus work for UK based clients will usually require VAT to be added.

11. Material included on this site is copyright protected and may also be protected by other rights, including moral rights.  Unauthorised reproduction or use of material included on this web-site is not permitted. 

12. "Whites" is a registered European trade mark owned by Whites IP Ltd. It has European trade mark registration number 010506327.  Use of this trade mark in relation to goods or services that are the same as or similar to those for which it is registered is not permitted,