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Examples of our clients

Generation (UK) Ltd

Generation is one of the largest suppliers of scaffolding and of building safety equipment in the UK. We have advised Generation on numerous IP matters.

Pilkington Group

We have provided consultancy assistance to the Pilkington Group on various occasions and have dealt with various inventions relating to glass and glazing.

Gripaid Ltd

We have advised this company regarding protecting a glove designed to improve the grip of disabled people, elderly people and sports people.

LBK Packaging Ltd

We have advised LBK on various aspects of Intellectual Property and have recently helped it to obtain a patent for an environmentally friendly, lightweight support.

Willam Egan

William invented an electronic system to require people to wash their hands and use soap or gel dispensers before entering or leaving hospital wards. We patented the system for him.

PM Tuning Ltd

The owner of this company, Paul Mesiti, invented the world's fastest motor scooter, as seen on the well known "Top Gear "TV series in the UK. We have protected various aspects of scooter design for PM Tuning Ltd, both in Europe and the USA.

SKIA Designs Ltd

We have advised this company on a training aid that is useful in helping skiers find the "sweet spot" when balancing. It is supplied as a kit and can help all levels of skier improve their technique.

James Baxter

James is a farmer who farms on marsh land, who is well known for his engineering skills. We have patented a specialised trailer invented by James that was designed for use on soft ground.


We have provided consultancy on complex cases to many UK based firms, including D Young & Co, Barker Brettell, Syngenta, Mathys & Squire, etc. We also provide consultancy to a wide range of clients that do not have their own patent departments.

F. Hoffmann La Roche Ltd

This is the well known Swiss pharmaceutical and biotechnology company (also known as "Roche"). We have represented Roche in opposition and appeal proceedings before the EPO.

Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Inc.

This company (abbreviated here to Shire) specialises in seeking treatment for rare diseases. Shire has expanded rapidly in recent years and we are pleased to have helped Shire to obtain protection for various therapeutic applications and compositions.

Transkarotic Therapies, Inc.

We have also worked with Transkaryotic Therapies, Inc. (also known as TKT) for many years in the filed of gene regulation. TKT is now part of Shire.

Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Inc.

We have worked with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute for many years and have obtained many European patents for it in respect of a wide range of cancer therapies.

Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center

This is often abbreviated to "Beth Israel". It is a leading cancer research hospital, and is also a highly reputed teaching hospital that is part of Harvard Medical School.

Massachusetts eye and ear infirmary

The Massachusetts eye and ear infirmary is a leader in treating unwanted choroidal neovasculature of the eye, which can help in the treatment of certain cancers, for example. We are pleased to have helped to expand its patent portfolio.

Fish & Richardson PC

We have been handling European patent work for this US law firm for many

Goodwin Proctor LLP

We have also been handling European patent work for this US firm for many years.

Wilmer Hale LLP

Again, we have been handling European patent work for this US law firm for very many years.